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Mobile Wooden flooring 1*2

Mobile Wooden flooring 1*2
  • Mobile Wooden flooring 1*2

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Nt.30 € +TAX(27%) 8 € =Br.38
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22 kg/pcs
Short description

Mobile wooden flooring is inserted in the bottom of the kennels.
Practical lying surface, continuous ventilation.
It protects dogs from frosts in the winter and from mud in summer.
Easy to clean and wash. It is easily removable from the kennel, thus the section under the floor can also be kept clean. The dog cannot damage it as it fits perfectly to the sides of the kennel.

Product properties

Kennels made with concrete flooring in the long run are damaging to the paws, joints and dog’s coat. The sanded flooring provides a pleasant lying surface for the dogs and can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with water versus concrete. Water drainage is through the gaps created in the surface. As there is continuous air movement between the soil and the flooring, the wood cannot rot; the flooring remains dry and hygienic. Its life span, even in the case of regular wet cleaning, is minimum 6 to10 years; however this period can be extended by protection with environmentally friendly wood preservative.
In the case when flooring is used, it is not necessary to place the kennel on a solid foundation (concrete, stone covering, asphalt etc.). It can be stably constructed on concrete slabs on horizontal terrain and also can be disassembled and reconstructed in the future without potential damage or breaking concrete.

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